Operation's Enduring/Iraqi Freedom

  • aax.jpg
    AEF9 OIF Gaggle (177th FW/158th FW/122nd FW) - (Roger Newsome Collection)
  • aay.jpg
    OEF AEF 2005 Gaggle (Roger Newsome Collection)
  • aaz.jpg
    OEF-OIF AEF 2005 Gaggle (Roger Newsome Collection)
  • aas.jpg
    332nd AEW: I got this Patch while at Balad AB, Iraq as part of the 332 EAMXS Rocky Mountain Coalition (Mark Snodgrass Collection)
  • aaj.jpg
    555th EFS OIF 2005 - Give 'Em Hell (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • aag.jpg
    332nd EFS - Red Tails, 'Expeditionary' F-16's deployed in Kuwait and later also at Balad AB, Iraq. The 332nd EFS was a major force in Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aah.jpg
    379th AEW is the wing that was established in Iraq. (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aab.jpg
    Operation Enduring Freedom (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aac.jpg
    Operation Enduring Freedom, subdued (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aad.jpg
    Operation Enduring Freedom, Night Vision Goggles (Jon Somerville collection)
  • aae.jpg
    Royal Danish Air Force - OEF 2002 (Michael Weinberger Collection)
  • aba.jpg
    EPAF Operation Enduring Freedom 2002-2003 - Patch for the personell in Afghanistan, operating from Manas Airport in Kyrgystan with F-16 (Knut Varum)