Artistic impressions

  • aca.jpg
    "Lets Roll" art applied to many USAF aircraft [USAF image]
  • acb.jpg
    F-16C painting of Aviano AB. [Painting by Jason Breidenbach]
  • aaa_001.jpg
    The first artist impression of the Polish F-16. [LMTAS photo]
  • aed.jpg
    The Beast 85-1568
  • aee.jpg
    The Big Boss 85-1547
  • aef.jpg
    Bud 85-1566
  • aeg.jpg
    Butcher 85-1561
  • aeh.jpg
    Double Barrel 85-1569
  • aei.jpg
    The Deuce 86-0042
  • spirit.jpg
    Painting by Lou Drendel, commissioned by Cliff Patterson to celebrate the squadron heritage. [Image by Lou Drendel]
  • Tiger tail.JPG
    Drawing of the Belgian 1998 Tiger scheme. [Image by Lyle Brown]
  • 003.jpg
    Illustration of Israeli Capt. Ilan Ramon on its way to Baghdad in 1981. [Image by Amos Dor]