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Unread post08 May 2004, 17:49

No, not the little winged cherub...

I have recently read about a program I was surprised I had never heard of: CUPID - Combat Upgrade Plan Integration Details - for Block 25/30/32 USAF F-16s. From the limited info I have been able to find, it sounds like CUPID is to 25/30/32 birds what CCIP is to the later 40/42/50/52 birds. I have read it includes LANTIRN & LITENING II capability, GPS/INS upgrades, NVG lighting, SADL (is this LINK 16?), ALQ-213 CMDS, and other mods, possibly even the MMC, JHMCS and PIDS-3. CUPID upgrades were to have all been completed in FY 2003. I have searched the net and not found any detailed info, can anyone here add to what CUPID includes?

I thought I was up to speed on these upgrade programs but this one caught me by surprise... :oops:
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Unread post08 May 2004, 18:11

Thanks for the info, habu2. That answers some of my queries. I did a search on Google. I am sure you too have came across this article on globalsecurity.

cheers, :D


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Unread post08 May 2004, 20:58

I was involved in the kit proof at the depot for cupid before I got my current position. I can see what I can scare up for you on monday on cupid info. What you wrote so far seems pretty accurate though.
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Unread post10 Aug 2004, 04:41

Combat UPgrade Implementation something-or-other. Basically, the ANG was running multiple mod programs in parallel...first one implemented would trash the engineering efforts for the rest. So a bucnh of us rebeled and convinced folks to combine them into a single program. Personally, I solved little, but like to think my whining had some effect.
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