F-35A for 65AS - Which serials does this relate to?

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Odd question, but will try to make it understandable;

The 65AS will re-activate in a couple of years on early-block F-35A's that are not possible to upgrade like more recent production jets. Most will likely come from ie 58FS 33FW, so the serials can be identified from the units to give up their jets for the 65AS.

My question is: Up to what serial is covered under this definition of "early blocks not possible to upgrade" ?
Another way of asking the same question - from which serial is it possible to do the endless number of upgrades to come in the future?

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Basically, Lots 2&3 (total of 13 F-35As). Lot 1 was transferred to the SDD fleet.

btw, "early blocks not possible to upgrade" is a false statement. They can upgrade them, but want to save the money ($10 to $15 mil per) that is for concurrency as well as the block upgrade costs.

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