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Unread post31 Jan 2019, 13:14

This picture and information as posted on the 309th AMARG page on Facebook:

Scramble Magazine
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Yesterday at 12:20 AM ·

Because the conversion of former US Air Force F-16As and F-16Cs to QF-16 Full-Scale Aerial Targets is in full swing, reshuffling is being done to the F-16 inventory at the Arizona Boneyard (309th Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Group (AMARG). From this location the Fighting Falcons will be distributed to Boeing's Cecil Field site near Jacksonville (FL).

After conversion by Boeing, the QF-16s will be further used at either Tyndall AFB (FL) or Holloman AFB (NM).

Recently, this stunning overview was taken during an overflight of Frank Crébas over the departure ramp of AMARG at Davis-Monthan AFB (AZ). The following F-16s are depicted in the photo:

F-16A 80-0584/ED ex 416th FLTS/412th TW
F-16C 85-1416/FW ex 163rd FS/122nd FW
F-16A 80-0559 (also ex Italian-AF MM7256)
F-16C 85-1480/DC ex 121st FS/113th Wing
F-16C 84-1376 ex 179th FS/148th FW
F-16C 84-1292/AZ ex 195th FS/162nd FW
F-16C 85-1465/DC ex 121st FS/113th Wing
F-16C 85-1446 ex 175th FS/114th FW
F-16C 85-1486 ex 175th FS/114th FW
F-16A 81-0699/37(also ex Italian-AF MM7249)
F-16C 85-1482 no markings

Strikingly, unmarked 85-1482 was already seen flying from Davis-Monthan AFB (AZ) during March 2018. It is possible that this particular F-16C is being used to keep the test pilots, embedded with AMARG, current.

Photo credit: Frank Crébas

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Unread post31 Jan 2019, 19:59

If someone knows more tie-ups of those 'Q' birds, that would be great. We currently have this list:

QF-001 85-1570
QF-002 84-1260
QF-003 82-0986
QF-004 83-1110
QF-005 85-1569
QF-006 84-1286
QF-007 86-0233
QF-008 85-1491
QF-009 84-1222
QF-010 81-1219
QF-011 85-1455
QF-012 85-1500
QF-013 85-1562
QF-014 85-1473
QF-015 81-0806
QF-016 82-0993
QF-017 83-1087
QF-018 83-1091
QF-019 83-1095
QF-020 81-0803
QF-021 86-0249
QF-022 85-1422
QF-024 85-1442
QF-028 85-1494
QF-029 85-1503
QF-030 85-1421
QF-036 80-0565
QF-037 80-0578

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Unread post13 Feb 2019, 18:07

How many airframe hours would these aircraft generally have?

I have read that many F-16As were retired early around 1992 after the peace dividend. If they have a few thousand hours yet these drones should be good for a couple of decades if they survive.

Presumably they could also in a pinch be upgraded to F-16V standard and returned to service/sold cheap to Eastern Euro countries...would make a very cheap F-15C replacement for the ANG.

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