What air techs and tactics could other branches benefi from?

New and old developments in aviation technology.
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I'll give you two examples of what I mean:

The TrackingPoint RIfle works by finding a target through the scope, highlighting it with a cursor then letting the scope's ballistic computer take about a dozen parameters into account to output a targeting solution. All the shooter has to do at that point is pull the trigger and move the targeting crosshair over the aiming dot and the shot goes off when the bullet trajectory intersects with the predicted target position. That sounds a lot like Continuously Computed Release Point commonly used in aircraft.

The Canadian military has the Coyote reconnaissance vehicle which has either mast or wire-linked remote stations with radar and IR sensors. Apparently, it can detect tanks up to 20km.

The Israeli military has used the Pereh missile carrier. It can launch 12 Spike missiles, either fire & forget or man-in-the-loop, up to 25km away in non-line-of-sight.

If you were to network those two together, you could take out tanks from 20km away and the only thing they could see would be a mast raised above the trees several kilometers away and missiles coming in really fast.

Are there other instances of technologies, techniques or tactics which may come from the air force but which others could find useful?

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