F-16 on Baltic Air Patrol 2019

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Polish F16C BAP 2019 dgrsz-mon-gov-pl.jpg
F-16C B52 (Waldemar Młynarczyk)

What does this mean that Poland is the leading country during the Baltic Air Policing mission?

Lt. Col. Pil. Adam Kalinowski: We are responsible for completing every Air Policing mission in the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. If necessary, our fighters are the first to get up. However, if the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC), for which we are subject during the mission, will be able to support us in the operation of planes from other countries. However, we always start first.

What type of tasks will Poles perform?

Our goal is to protect Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from violating their airspace. F-16 crews will, if necessary, carry out air reconnaissance missions. If an unrecognized aircraft flies towards the boundary of the airspace of one of the Baltic States, pilots approach it and perform visual and photographic reconnaissance. All acquired materials are sent by secret communication systems to CAOC.

In what other situations can Polish airmen react?

For example, when capturing a passenger plane that lost contact with the base on earth. They will also take part in NATO exercises organized in the airspace of the Baltic States.
The tasks of pilots on duty during the PKW "Orlik" will be the same as during the on-call duty in the country. They have the same competences and work in the same way. Of course, the differences are such that the President of the Republic of Poland agrees to participate in the Baltic Air Policing mission, and in Lithuania we are under the command of the CAOC, which decides to pick up the fighters.

http://dgrsz.mon.gov.pl/aktualnosci/art ... -policing/

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