F-16V Block 70 Specifications

Always wondered why the F-16 has a tailhook, or how big a bigmouth F-16's mouth really is ? Find it out here !
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Unread post01 Nov 2018, 07:01

Well Basher and I basically had the same point. The F-35's touch screens won't be detrimental in a dogfight because the pilots hands will be glued to the HOTAS when that scenario occurs.

Except I thought the exclusion of touch screens had more to do with cost saving measures while Scorpion raised a good point of how the F-16's confined cockpit design were taken to consideration. Could be both tho...

Scorpion1alpha wrote:the Blk 30's maneuverability with the Blk 50's power and acceleration

Okay I'm trying to dissect this a bit, the block 30 had the highest T/W ratio of all Viper models due to the 129 motor and lighter airframe, although Sprts said once that the PW-229 equipped block 42 had the highest T/W ratio.

it also had the analog G limiter which can be pushed to 9.4Gs if I'm not mistaken. But didn't she also have better acceleration and power than later blocks. So by saying it will have the power and acceleration of a block 50, that would mean that it will be a tad bit inferior to the block 30? right

BUT.....heres where I get confused,

Robert ‘Elvis’ Balserak wrote:We originally wanted to offer the Indians the 129 engine. They had some performance requirements that required a little bit more thrust. So we’re going to put the engine that was in the Block 60 into the Block 70. So we’re going to put the GE 132 inside the Block 70. It will be — and this is from a man who has flown every version of the airplane there is and every motor we’ve ever put in the airplane — this airplane will be a rocketship. It will be an absolute rocketship,” he emphasized.

So they originally wanted to offer the 129 motor which tells me that the Block 70 will weigh close to the block 50's weight. They wouldn't have offered it if they knew that it would fall bellow the F-16's KPPs. Thats why they developed the 132 for the Block 60, as they knew that the 129 and 229 would simply not cut it.

Is it a stretch to think that the Block 70 will be the most powerful, maneuverable and fastest accelerating F-16 ever built?
He did say he flew all blocks and that this particular one would be a "rocket ship"


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Unread post02 Nov 2018, 15:45

Block 30 and Block 40 were GE-100 powered - Bahrain are it seems replacing the GE-100s with GE-129s in their CV Block 40s.

Remove the CFTs and you would expect a GE-132 Falcon to out accelerate everything in places quite significantly.

My main concern with touchscreens is more in the BVR role where you still want things to happen with one touch. The extra area is great but you always get that thing where it works most of the time, but you tap the screen look away, look back and its hasn't registered - then you tap it again then swipe your finger over the whole area.....grrr :bang:


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Regarding the usage of touchscreen as a central display for F-16Vs/blk70s, in today's world what might be a cost difference between a 6×8" touchscreen and a 6x8" regular screen? A 1000$ (one thousand $) ? Im quite not buying this excause :doh:


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Unread post02 Nov 2018, 23:29

It's not the cost of the screen, it's the cost of the computer behind it that has to meet heat, vibration, luminance, latency, weight, dimensions, integrity, availability, sensitivity, and a host of other requirements. I work on systems like this and they are not trivial.

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Patriot wrote:I have another question. The V / Block 70-72 cockpit only tangible difference from any other F-16 out there is seemingly the 3rd display, apart from that everything else looks exactly the same. My question is, why LM didnt incorporated a redefined Block 60 cockpit with its three big 6x8" displays and other new features into the Block 70/72 standard, instead they just sticked 3rd display in there.. When compared to a sleek design of Block 60 cockpit, the 70... looks kind of sloppy and cheap ;)

Another thing here is that Block 60 was developed with UAE money, so there are likely legal issues with using Block 60 tech.
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Unread post20 Feb 2019, 04:11

This is interesting. "F-21" which I guess is a "Made In India" version of the F-16V?

Seems just like the new "V" model, but with a big difference in the cockpit: Large Area Display (LAD) with the CPD underneath it.


I know Viper guys were asking for larger displays in the past. I thought the CPD answered that, but this will make guys drool (and Dos Gringos will finally have their wish of having 8 AMRAAMs like an Eagle...).
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Unread post20 Feb 2019, 05:05

Leave it to the marketing guys to forestall any objections that India will operate F-16s just like Pakistan. :D

What next... Rebadge the JSF as the F-53 and slip in by the Trudeau crowd?
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Unread post20 Feb 2019, 06:13

" ..."F-21" which I guess is a "Made In India" version of the F-16V? "

Sorry, the F-21 designation has already been taken.


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