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PDF report here: https://sldinfo.com/2018/09/f-35-2-o-in ... e-concept/

F-35 2.0


Introducing the Concept

The F-35 is being stood up as the next generation aircraft for the USMC, USAF, US Navy and for several key allies.

It is coming into service as the US and its allies are facing a key strategic shift from conflict with non-peer competitors in the context of counter-terrorism efforts to one in which engagement with peer competitors and crisis management involving high-end warfare assets are involved.

This means that as the F-35 is being introduced, infrastructure built, training worked, and software upgrades processing evolving capabilities, the forces operating the new aircraft are doing so with a clear focus on leveraging the aircraft for multi-domain warfare. It is not a multi-mission asset; it is a multi-domain warfare platform.

How best to leverage the new platform? How to set in motion changes in other platforms which can generate a fifth-generation combat force? This is F-35 2.0 a concept which is being acted upon by the US and key allies as they introduce the aircraft.
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Cliff Notes:

Introduction of the F-35 to various coalition and partner nation forces represents a totally new capability based on networking and interoperability, which will require them to integrate 4th gen and ground-based systems to be able to work with the F-35 in F-35 1.0 phase.

F-35 2.0 phase is a transformational revolution in combat-fighting capability that focuses on interoperability and those nearest to the threats making decisions about how to mitigate the threats, vs the old way of planning out missions centrally, then sensing air crews out to execute those missions.

The most defining sentence in the documents is this:

"They will be like marauding motorcycle gangs in the enemy's backyard."

They talk about phase 2.0 being the modernization of infrastructure across bases, training, planning, partner interoperability, and overall war-fighting conceptual approach to a 5th Gen force.

An example of the interoperability would be a joint Northern Norway deployment of UK, USAF, USMC, and RoNAF F-35A/Bs.

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