Airmen Reduce F-35 Canopy Shaped Charge Replacement by 120 H

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Unread post24 Apr 2018, 10:07

Luke Egress Airmen Reduce F-35 Canopy Shaped Charge Replacement Time by 120 Hours
23 Apr 2018 Senior Airman Ridge Shan, 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

"LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- Over the past two months, Airmen from the 56th Component Maintenance Squadron’s Egress Systems Flight developed a new process for the replacement of flexible linear shaped charges on F-35 Lightning II canopies.

In an emergency situation when an F-35 pilot is required to eject, the FLSC is the component responsible for destroying and separating the canopy from the rest of the jet, giving the pilot’s seat a clear path to depart the aircraft.

To ensure the charges function correctly and safely, they are regularly replaced. Before February, the process to replace the charges took several teams of maintainers more than a week....

...In total, the entire FLSC replacement process took approximately 178 hours. Since February, the 56th CMS’s egress technicians reduced that time to 58 hours, and will reduce it even further in the coming weeks. “Our goal is a 24-hour turnaround,” said Staff Sgt. Tyler Volk, 56th CMS egress technician. “One shift removes the canopy and strips it, one shift lays the charge, and one shift rebuilds the canopy and puts it back on the jet. This should allow us to have the aircraft down for one day, instead of one week.”...

...Through a combination of research, redeveloped training processes, in-house manufacturing, and work integration, the egress section estimates the total FLSC replacement time will be reduced to 51 hours by May, eliminating 127 hours per replacement from the initial process. The 56th CMS is already preparing to share their knowledge with other F-35 bases around the country. “We’ve built six new templates to send to all of the F-35 bases,” Volk said...."

Photo Caption: "“The explosives we maintain have expiration dates and life limits, may receive damage over time,
and may face other issues,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan Bessery, 56th CMS egress technician. “When we first started replacing them, it was a very long process. Our first one took ten days. We knew we needed to speed it up.”

Source: ... t_time.pdf (194Kb)
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