Greece to upgrade its F-16 fleet to block V configuration

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Unread post10 Feb 2018, 21:47

Greece has no money.

Will Europe sponsorship pay for the upgrade?

That would drive Erdoclown more and more into the Russian camp.
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Unread post10 Feb 2018, 22:41

Sensible move by the HAF.
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Unread post12 Feb 2018, 15:33

vilters wrote:Greece has no money. Will Europe sponsorship pay for the upgrade?.

Greece has no money to pay debt or for it's people but Greece have money for defence.
I have spoken to Greek officers and they were all very serious about the Turkish threat. Surprisingly for me, they perceived Turkey as a real and present threat and voices appeared that the issue of some conflict is only a matter of time.

Europe will never sponsor American equipment. They might transfer some second-hand equipment for free and expect Greece pay for maintenance and repair.


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Unread post14 Feb 2018, 06:30

Greece has kept it's F-4 flying after all these years, I can't begin to imagine how long their F-16's will be kept flying...




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Unread post29 Apr 2018, 20:25

Latest news are that only blk52+, 52+adv will be upgraded to V configuration. Total 83 F-16s.
There are some plans that older blk50 may be upgraded to blk 50+ adv (with components from the upgraded planes), but this will be a different program.


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Unread post30 Apr 2018, 20:04

Probably taking the radars from the block 52+'s and installing these in the block 50's.

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