F-35s Grounded Luke AFB Pilots Report Hypoxia-Like Symptoms

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spazsinbad wrote:There are worrying to me details in this latest Jun 2018 GAO report wot need to be fixed ASAP I reckon:
[[PDF referenced by 'marauder2048' here earlier] viewtopic.php?f=58&t=12237&p=395599&hilit=Resolved#p395599
F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER Development Is Nearly Complete, but Deficiencies Found in Testing Need to Be Resolved
Jun 2018 GAO

"...Life-support system (LSS):
From May to August 2017, six events occurred where pilots reported physiological symptoms of oxygen deprivation, though no common cause was identified. However, three issues with components related to the LSS are being examined:

1. A breathing regulator on the pilot’s seat is failing at a high rate, contributing to one oxygen deprivation event. Slow progress on a root-cause corrective action has led the program to consider alternative suppliers for this component.

2. An anti-suffocation valve that opens when the breathing regulator fails is itself failing to consistently open, creating a risk that unconscious pilots ejecting over water may drown. The valve’s manufacturer is investigating potential improvements, and F-35 units are inspecting and cleaning the valves.

3. The rate at which the cockpit’s internal pressure changes can potentially cause significant debilitating ear pain or injury to the sinus. In addition to potential pain experienced by the pilot, loss of situational awareness during complex maneuvers could cause the aircraft to crash...."

Source: https://www.gao.gov/assets/700/692307.pdf (4.1Mb)

All these issues may very well have been fixed, given that it's been 10 to 13 months, since the events.

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