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F-35 Armament, fuel tanks, internal and external hardpoints, loadouts, and other stores.
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steve2267 wrote:
forbin wrote:Many pics in this configuration with 2 AIM-9X can be considered stealth as it ?

If you are asking whether the F-35 retains its VLO characteristics when carrying two AIM-9X, I think the general consensus around here is that external AIM-9X carriage degrades VLO by some amount, but by how much, no one knows, and those that know aren't saying. Some have said the F-35 is "still stealthy", or "must still be stealthy or else XYX..." but no one knows for sure, and no numbers have been thrown around, let alone quoted.

forbin wrote:The gun had a problem internal not or less in pod fired too on the side fixed now ?

Is English your native language? I don't ask this to be rude, but I do not understand this question at all.

The frontal RCS probably goes up to the 0.001-0.01 sq m range which is still better than the Su-57 and probably in the J-20 zone. The point is they went to the trouble of purposely designing small canted low RCS pylons so it would not be high. So it's still stealthy to everything else and that's even before jamming is used if ever detected. Discussed further here ...


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