AIM-9X Blk II making good progress

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Great for the over-the-shoulder launch by the F-35 using DAS. Can only speculate if the F-22 AN/ALR 94 can cue the missile to any hostile within it's 360-deg. bubble. Also, would expect another properly configured aircraft to provide targeting info if needed so any hostile venturing within the Combat Cloud does so at it's peril. ... ed-381569/

AIM-9X Block II performing better than expected



The Raytheon AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder is about halfway through its operational testing and, thus far, the weapon is performing better than expected with one exception, the US Navy says...

But there is one area where a software fix is needed. "Prior to the start of OT [operational test], a valid deficiency was identified regarding AIM-9X Block II helmetless high off-boresight (HHOBS) performance," NAVAIR says. "Although HHOBS is functioning well in Block II, its performance appears to be degraded from the superior performance seen in Block I and will be improved with a planned software clean-up build at the end of OT [operational test]."

The HHOBS capability is of critical importance to the US Air Force, which according to the Pentagon's director of Operational Test and Evaluation 2012 report, initially identified the short-fall. The USAF's prized Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter will not have a helmet-mounted cuing system when it receives full AIM-9X capability in 2017 (though a "rudimentary" AIM-9X capability is expected to be added in 2015). Thus Raptor pilots will need to rely on the AIM-9X's HHOBs ability.

NAVAIR notes the HHOBS deficiency does not impact any other Block II capabilities.


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Any sensor that the F-22 has, should provide cueing info via datalink. If they expand the AAR-56 to its full potential, that will greatly increase the LOAL capabilities.

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