Dutch trim F-16 fleet

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Unread post13 Apr 2012, 13:21

Quote: As for the replacement, the F-35A. Dutch planning expects to have a inventory of 85. However the ministry has currently set aside €4.5 billion for the purchase. This is 60% of budget they cited back in 2010.

Dutch trim F-16 fleet

This info is not correct. €4.5 billion, is the budget as mentioned in 2000-2002 before joining the F35 project.
What the budget will be, as well as what number F35’s will be needed ,will be a decision for the government in charge, ordering the F35 (2002).

As well as what this government stated, €4.5 billion will be set aside, but the actual needed budget and number F35’s, will be the responsibility for the next government.
The €4.5 billion is a maximum they were able to invest in. An higher amount of money this government has no authority to invest in the F35 project.

Higher mentioned budgets as €7.6 billion and 85 F35’s were used as a method, not actual budgets nor figures F35’s, knowing how much money will -/or would be needed with a certain number F35’s.

The €4.5 billion already was mentioned in 1998 as a tentative budget. As stated, not a project budget, nor actual numbers F35.

In 2002, before joining the F35 project, already was mentioned, estimated a budget would be needed, at least € 6.065 billion in case 85 F35A’s

Dutch Letter to Parliament
Datum: 11 februari 2002
Ons kenmerk: M2002000176

Number F35: 85
Investeringskosten: € 6.065 billion
Exploitatiekosten: € 7.024 billion
Levensduurkosten: € 13.089 billion

* Rated by the min. of Defense in 2000 euro’s


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Unread post13 Apr 2012, 16:22

A minor typo on my part when putting the story together. Have now reworded that sentence :oops:
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Unread post15 Apr 2012, 13:05

Probably they will reduce the amount of F-35, it looks many european nations will have to think about it soon or after. The economy is a rollercoast nowdays.

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