Vice Adm. John Currier Coast Guard needs two classes of UAV

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By John Reed Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 5:47 pm

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...Meanwhile, Coast Guard Chief of Staff, Vice Adm. John Currier said that his service needs two new classes of maritime surveillance UAV to replace the Coasties’ HC-130 Hercules transports and its fleet of helicopters that are currently being used “inappropriately” as maritime surveillance aircraft. The service needs a broad area surveillance drone (sounds like the Navy’s BAMS) that can patrol wide swaths of ocean like the HC-130s currently do and a smaller UAV that can serve as the eyes of the Coast Guard’s cutters in the same way the service’s choppers currently do, said Currier. Key to this will be following the Navy’s UAV programs very closely since Coast Guard doesn’t have the R&D cash needed to develop brand new UAVs for these missions....

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