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Discuss photos, special paintschemes and serial numbers of the F-35
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Unread post21 Jan 2006, 02:03
Nice slides showing all phases of construction to date.




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Unread post21 Jan 2006, 03:28

Nice, I like! It is always cool to see the inside of a new clean jet.


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Unread post21 Jan 2006, 06:34

Great pics Whiteman! :thumb:
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Unread post21 Jan 2006, 09:49

Just some shameless self-promotion... for those who didn't notice yet, there's also an <a href="gallery_item15128.html">F-35 gallery</a> at, and more recently added, an <a href="gallery_item15059.html">F-22 gallery</a>.




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Unread post22 Jan 2006, 14:03

It seems to me that the F-35 looks more "compact", also the edges are just a bit sharper than the X-35. I really like the new canopy style.


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Unread post23 Feb 2006, 06:59

Thanks to Afterburnerdecalsscott for pointing me over to a thread on another forum where I found this little link: ... 068144534/

Great pics of the F-35 leaving the assembly plant :D !
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Unread post23 Feb 2006, 08:39

Yep, saw this too. Isn't it pretty even though it's naked. :D Painting it should only take a few days too.

Essentially a smaller, single engine Raptor with emphasis on A2G than A2A. It will not be a slouch in A2A however and like I said before, current Viper pilots who will transition into it will be very impressed and pleased.
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