F-35 Test Delays Continue, [although] Combat Debut

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Unread post26 Mar 2020, 19:09

...[quote]F-35 testing at Edwards Air Force Base paused, impact to full-rate production decision unknown
25 Mar 2020 Valerie Insinna....but organizations that can continue verification activities via telework are continuing to do so. Additionally, select lab and ground test activities are ongoing......

JSE is of the last lingering SDD testing requirements with frequent updating of the Mission Data Files. At the conclusion of the JSE testing this summer 2020, all F-35 testing organizations will have completed the Mile Stone C requirement for satisfying the Full Rate Production status after manufacturing 500+ aircraft (prototypes??) and achieving 250,000+ flight man-hours.

The JSE testing facility at Edwards has the size capacity to test "all" USAF aircraft from the B-52, C-5 down to T-38, F-16 aircraft types. Most interesting is the ability to test both the B-21 and B-2 with their most immediate necessity.

It will always be of interest to see how the current on-board a/c defense systems can contend with whichever S-2/3/4/5/600/.... in each aircraft type from the largest to the smallest airframes.
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Unread post27 Mar 2020, 01:20

Navy acquisition executive commented via Aviation Week. 8)
https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/ ... yed-so-far
DOD Official: F-35 Full-Rate Production Not Delayed So Far
March 25, 2020
Although F-35 Joint Strike Fighter test operations had to cease March 25 because of the novel coronavirus, the U.S. military has not seen “anything major” that would delay full-rate production, the Navy acquisition executive says.

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