Spare parts for F-16

Always wondered why the F-16 has a tailhook, or how big a bigmouth F-16's mouth really is ? Find it out here !
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Unread post02 Sep 2019, 13:39

I am looking for spare parts for F-16. Is here somebody who can help me?
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Do you have a list of parts needed?
What air force are they for?

I'll send you a PM.
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Unread post03 Sep 2019, 03:48

Bet Turkey is real eager to get parts for it's 235 (?) F-16 Falcons now that they've been booted out of the F-35 Lightning II program. :devil:
A fighter without a gun . . . is like an airplane without a wing.— Brigadier General Robin Olds, USAF.


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Well, the US cannot push the Turks too far out in the cold because the Russians and Chinese are there too greet them. It wouldn't help anyone if Turkey decide to leave NATO and their allies for new friends.


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A bit strange to request access to source for F-16 spare parts via a forum on a special interest page like this is?

If you have F-16's you know where to source spare parts :|


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Maybe he/she wants to build it "one part at a time" :D

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