An angle differential external stores are mounted..

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Unread post06 Aug 2018, 13:57

As seen on the examples below, why is so that the middle mounted stores are looking up while all the other look down?
Logically to me, as it is in the F-16 all storages including wingtip ones are angled slightly down to be better aligned with the airflow on the higher AOA at higher alts in subsonic regime thus by that having less induced drag.. which make perfect sense.. but whats about the F-35 it's clearly isnt the case here??



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Unread post06 Aug 2018, 15:47

Buffet, separation, drag, RCS. Take your pic. No one who knows can say, I'm sure. I'm going with RCS myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's separation.

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Would we be surprised if there was a thread about this? Store angles noted in the thread about CVN external stores IIRC...

Another thread has same question: F-35 Weapons Load [internal & external Eglin AFB]

viewtopic.php?f=54&t=51255&hilit=angle+external [scroll down]

Then 'botsing' found the link to thread I had (incorrectly) in mind: DT-III aboard USS America

viewtopic.php?p=357275#p357275 [scroll down]

IIRC there is another series of posts about topic with examples from CVN external stores testing but WHERE?
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Unread post07 Aug 2018, 05:25

Interesting photo looking aft, left LEF is down, right LEF is at zero.

It seems reasonable to me all pylons with bombs are identical, as on F-16. If that is the case, the different weapon pitch angles at inboard and outboard stations are simply the result of different wing lower contours at inboard and outboard locations. The few degrees different are not enough to significantly affect separation, drag, buffet, etc.

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