500th F-35 Pilot Takes to the Sky

Production milestones, roll-outs, test flights, service introduction and other milestones.
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500th F-35 Pilot Takes to the Sky
05 Oct 2017 Eglin AFB, Florida

"The U.S. Air Force trained and graduated the 500th F-35 Lightning II pilot across the joint and international enterprise Sept. 19, 2017, here. Maj. Chris Campbell, 461st Flight Test Squadron director of operations, is an F-16 test pilot with more than 1,000 fighter hours and 245 combat hours. He began F-35 fighter pilot training at the 33rd Fighter Wing this summer and became the 500th pilot to graduate the program.

“As a test pilot, working on the F-35 is an opportunity for me to be a real force-multiplier,” Campbell said. “Flying the F-35 has been a long-term goal of mine. I am thrilled to be part of the program and I hope to make a positive impact.”

While training as an F-35A student pilot at Eglin Air Force Base, Campbell completed approximately 200 hours of academics, 14 simulators, a high-speed taxi, and six flights in the aircraft before being deemed qualified.

The coursework takes full advantage of emerging technology by leveraging virtual reality training for pilots to compliment the military's most advanced weapon system. “As we discover new ways to employ the F-35 based on its expanding capabilities, we have to adapt the way we train our pilots to ensure they meet the needs of our combat air forces,” said Col. Paul D. Moga, 33rd Fighter Wing commander. “The world of fifth-gen tactics is rapidly evolving. It is changing the way we think, train and execute as a joint and multi-national force.”...

...Campbell plans to use his experience as a legacy test pilot to help improve the fifth-generation fighter through developmental testing on the aircraft...."

Source: https://www.f35.com/news/detail/500th-f ... to-the-sky OR http://www.33fw.af.mil/News/Article-Dis ... -35-pilot/
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