F-16 Engine Thurst Variations

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Hello everyone.

F-16.net and other sources have conflicting engine max thrust specifications. I was hoping someone could clarify if possible.

Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-200. 23,830 (Block 1-20) or 23,770 with other blocks via F-16.net
Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220. 23,770 via F16.net
Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229. 28,500 via F16.net
General Electric F110-GE-100. 28,984 via F16.net
General Electric F110-GE-129. 28,984 via F16.net

1989 Video Game F16 combat claims F110-GE-100 was 27,000 lbs. This is also what someone told me at Nellis for the aggressor F-16 Jets. (Block 30/32 I believe).

Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220. 23,770 via Wikipedia
Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229. 29,160 via Wikipedia
General Electric F110-GE-100. 28,000 via Wikipedia
General Electric F110-GE-129. 29,500 via Wikipeida

F-16 Viper Demo team from Shaw AFB claimes the Block 50 (F110-GE-129) does 31,000lbs of thrust.

Pratt & Whitney claim the F100-PW-229 gives 29,100 lbs of thrust.

Lockheed and General Electric claim 29,000 lbs of thrust class.

Thank you.


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There are others figures out there - but they normally refer to (although rarely stated) max thrust output from an engine in a static position on the ground - often uninstalled on a test bench or sometimes installed in an aircraft (but still static).

When you install the engine some thrust is lost for various reasons. However when the aircraft takes off the engine is producing more thrust than when it was sitting still at the start of the runway. So the faster the jet goes the more thrust will be coming out.
So even if you see a max rating of 28,000 lbs for the GE-100 say (whatever that refers to) its actual output in flight can be thousands of pounds more depending on speed/altitude and a few other things. Worth searching on here - been discussed lots of times.

The PW-200 and PW-220 often have a similar or same thrust rating but in actual flight the PW-220 gives out about 10% more in places!

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