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Hey everyone. So I just applied for a F-16 Maintenance Technician job to work in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Starting pay is said to be 98,000 for a 7 level. it is a permanent position through AMMROC. Free Dental and Medical, Family is allowed to move with me, Tax Free Etc.
Ihave some questions about the pay such as is 98,000 USD a good living over there? the going exchange rate right now is 3.67 to 1 USD which to me sounds like I'm living the high life over there. cause that's like 355,000 AED. Im still trying to figure out how the housing works or where to look. I have kids so they will need to go to school. if anyone can give me any and all insight about how it is exactly over there and how it is working on the F-16 with AMMROC id really appreciate it.

A little Background on me.
  • Joined AF 2005
  • Crew chief on F-15C/D/E from 2005-2008 (Lakenheath)
  • Crew Chief on C130 2008-2009 (Charlotte)
  • Crew Chief F-16CJ Block 52 (South Carolina ANG) Present
  • Boeing Co in 2011 as a Manufacturing Engineering Planner - Present


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You might want to keep looking for a job. AMMROC is a hot mess.

A quick Google search brings up this expat web page. ... c-188.html


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I don't know if you've already made your decision but I've lived in Dubai in the past. The cost of living *can* get quite high in Dubai. It is after all a place where Ferraris are like Toyotas! But if you are not tempted by the glitz and glam of the place, $98k can go far. Food is cheaper than it is here in the US as is gas. There are lots of schools for expats including American schools. Tuition there can get pricey, but a lot of companies offer partial or complete tuition reimbursement as a benefit.

There is a huge expat community in Dubai and in fact, the Emiratis are outnumbered by foreigners there. You'll meet people from all around the world. You'll find lots of people from the US, Canada, Britain, Australia etc. as well as folks from Asia, the Middle East and many other regions. It is a strange place in that it is an autocratic Islamic state, but it's also very diverse and cosmopolitan. You can drink alcohol in the hotels and certain other places, but you won't find traditional bars/pubs there.

Of course, the heat can be oppressive! Fortunately, most places are air conditioned. I don't know if your job will involve being outdoors a lot. If you are going to be outside a lot, the weather really is something you should consider. The heat is absolutely searing at times! On the positive side, you'll never have to deal with the annoyance of scraping your car windshield in the midst of a frigid winter.

The place has a strange duality to it. You see all these glistening skyscrapers and it is one of the most blinging places in the world. But on there is an ugly underbelly to it (if you care about that kind of stuff). There are lots of poor South Asian laborers who get paid basically nothing and live in pretty squalid conditions. It's also not a free country. If you say the wrong thing or offend the wrong person, you can be deported.

I hope that helps. Best of luck!




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