Function shown on service dress uniform?

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Hey everybody. Because searching did not give me useable results I wonder if someone here can answer some questions about the normal Service Dress uniform.

I know there are a lot of badges and other symols. But can anyone say me if it is possible to identify a C/O, X/O or instructor Pilot at his Dress? I knwo sthe badges for religous funtionc and medicine officers. But for funktions within the quadron I did not find anything useable. Are there Special badges or ribbons for that functions or do the other People around just know the big ones?

Would be glad if someone could explain me that.

Thanks :)


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No. Nothing on any uniform indicates such a position. The star and the wreath on wings (and other badges) dictate experience only. For example, I have both a master acquisition badge as well as senior aircrew wings...both of which were worn simultaneously independent of the billet I was in.
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Wikipedia to the rescue! ... _Air_Force

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