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Hey guys, it’s your friendly neighborhood author FirstImpulse here. I just released the second edition of my first published book, Cyfer 1.0. One of the main characters is a cocky young female pilot who puts a Raptor through its paces via a simulator early in the book. She’s the scion of a Lockheed Martin subsidiary, and has spent so much time in hyper-realistic simulators that her piloting skill (in theory) probably bests most National Guard pilots, depending on the aircraft. Her main ride through the course of the book is a Selectively Manned tiltrotor based on the AW609 which she flies Night Stalker style into and out of tricky situations, conveying the other main characters to and from missions.

In essence, the story is about four not-so-normal teenagers who decide to take down a certain bully in their highschool, but end up taking on terrorists and organized crime as well. Of course, their friends and family haven’t been let in on their new hobby, so they have to accomplish this while evading the authorities and trying to lead normal lives, all while helping those same authorities apprehend bad guys.

I’ll admit the Raptor isn’t the focus of the book (and I feel a little uncertain about posting this here), but characters, the spy game, and realistic action are. Right now I’m working on a book in the same universe as Cyfer 1.0 which will feature a certain version of the F-16 in a big way, and a direct sequel to Cyfer 1.0 which will include a stealth-on-stealth air battle.

For now, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback on Cyfer 1.0 so I can improve my style and realism for the next set of novels I’ve got in the pipeline.
To preview or purchase Cyfer 1.0: http://www.amazon.com/Cyfer-1-0-ebook/dp/B008HM57CO
To learn more about the Cyferverse series of novels: http://www.facebook.com/Cyferverse

Thanks for all the information and entertainment you guys at F-16.net have provided me!
-William I. Lewis
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