F-22s in an anti-ship role

Anything goes, as long as it is about the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
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Unread post25 Jan 2013, 07:59

oh, I got the joke allright, but just wanted a caveat since my english really isn't that good....

Or as our teacher wrote on the frontpage of our first school assignment:
"six ears ago I cold noot even spell enjuneer, now I are almost one"

I've tried to fit a few HARM:s inside an aeroplane, (concept design) but if it should also be a fighter with some excuse for perfomance the size made even SU-27 look small....

my 5 cent


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Unread post25 Jan 2013, 20:36

snypa777 wrote:Talking about this supposed Dutch naval episode, I thought F-22s played with allied forces wearing those radar signature enhancing things, cant remember their name. Lens or prism ? To preserve the F-22s RCS. Even from friendlies because friendlies are as inquisitive as the opposition!

VprWzl wrote:Just an educated guess, but the scenario was probably more like this. (If it actually happened)

Raptors used all their A/A missiles and killed most of the Hornets then proceeded to gun a couple more to get to the total # of dead Hornets. (I've seen them do something like this.)

The Dutch frigate wanted to 'see' the Raptors (and the Raptors were already out of weapons) so they went and 'strafed' the Dutch boat at which point the boat could simulate its air defense at point blank range. While strafing, the LCF 'shot' them. No big deal - it would be expected. Strafe attacks aren't exactly stealthy . . .

I wouldn't buy anything extra into it - the A/A portion was probably semi-realistic and the boat strafe was just a training oppportunity for both parties. (I mean how many times can you train to strafing boats . . .? Sounds like good fun to me.)

Just my two cents . . . don't over analyze things. We train with friendly forces all the time and it's not good form to not give useful training to both sides.

Two excellent posts! Hope others can take the jist of what Viper and Sniper are saying.
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