New Assignment to Hill AFB, coming back from Recruiting

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Well, with this being my first post on I'm going to poll everyone's thoughts as a maintainer at Hill. I've heard awesome things about Hill, but I've also heard it referred to as "Shaw West". My first 4-1/2 years was at Shaw, then a year at the Kun, and now I'm finishing my 4 years up as a recruiter.

Unlike many, I didn't become a recruiter to get off the line. It was a mix of family reasons and my special duty box for progression. Though, I left Kunsan just months before getting my OJT finished for my 7-lvl so I'm about to head back to the line as a 5-lvl SSgt that has never written on anyone. I love to work, and am a hard worker but have to say I'm a bit nervous of going back being rusty and as a new writer.

My main question is how the mx tempo is out there. We are in the process of Activating my wife from being a 12 yr AGR Fuels Tech in the ANG. So I'm trying to be as prepared as can be given we will both be on the line and we have 3 children(3, 9, & 13). Any input on how it is out there, and maybe even a lil advice would be appreciated.




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It will be pleasure being there. The place is good for learn and earn too. Lots of opportunities are there to explore new things. So, I suggest you tomove on.
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