F-22A versus EF2000

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disconnectedradical wrote:..I think the Typhoon's superior TWR (at full fuel, at least) may have been responsible for some of its victories.

Beside the ROE's placed on the Raptors, werent they still restricted on altitude and manuevering due to the 02 problems at the time? And doent the Raptor do its best dogfighting at high altitude? IDK, just seems like the Raptor was fighting w/ both hands tied behind its back, and to still win half of the WVR engagments is pretty impressive against one of, if not the, best dog fighter in the world.


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The restrictions were imposed shortly after these engagements IIRC and they were affecting a regime of the flight envelope that is largely irrelevant for BFM. If one talks to the German pilots who were involved in that exercise their views are somewhat different from the media hype. And their conclusion is that both aircraft are evenly matched in this aspect of aircombat (pure close in dogfighting). There has been more hype pushed by externals than those who got actually involved.

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