Raptor's ABC News disturbing article

Anything goes, as long as it is about the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
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Based upon this story http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-d ... aptor.html, that em745 cited, the Raptors had a lot of flight restrictions to deal with, in addition to the Typhoons. According to the USAF accounts, the Raptors were considerably more dominant in BFM, than the Germans suggested, even with these restrictions(which is really telling, as it'd be interesting to see the results, if the Raptors had no flight restrictions). Even if we go strictly with the German account though, it tells us even less, since the Raptors weren't being flown near the edge of their capabilities.

In the meantime, the operational USAF Raptor fleet is flying with some restrictions on their operations--i.e. they can't fly above 44,000ft where you need to start pressure breathing for altitude. They also have to remain relatively close to an airfield. There are also some other maneuvering restrictions on the aircraft since the pilots are not wearing their Combat Edge anti-g upper-pressure garments.
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I kinda doubt that if the Raptor was ever in a meet where it was totally unshackled and given free reign to fight like it can that the intimate minutiae of the meet would ever be published in it's raw form. Ya just don't want info like that in the wrong hands. Remember when the Raptors went to some Red Flag meet and everyone was being floored with the kill ratios and amazing anecdotes of being killed before even seeing the Raptors on radar (if they could), let alone visually? That's what they were cleared to say. Imagine what the classified results were! :wink: There's stuff that jet can prolly do that'll make a non-smoker light right up. :)
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Um, so was the F-22 (TVC, huge lift area, huge control surfaces...).

Ask any of the F-16 drivers on this forum who've gone up against it in BFM.

I think your mis-representing what I said. Clearly, as you mentioned, the F-22 has some features designed in to increase it lethality in WVR combat. However, I was arguing the main design focus of the F-22 was to secure its dominance it BVR. All that money on RCS reduction doesn't do the aircraft much good in a dogfight. (Though a reduced IR signature surely does)

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