Chinese J-20 may be using F-117 tech

Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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Unread post24 Jan 2011, 00:25

Why am I not surprised. :roll: ... technology

So instead of developing their OWN stealth tech from scratch, they reverse-engineered our near 30-year old stuff...maybe (Nighthawk debuted in '83, BTW). From a stealth standpoint only and disregarding all that breathless "significant threat to American air superiority" noise, where then does that puts this thing on the parity scale with the Raptor?

Discuss.... :wink:
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Unread post24 Jan 2011, 01:04

stealth tech was copied(better say stoled) from Germany,like missile tech and other stuff...russians did the same thing,so it´s not really exclusiv to US.
spying is a common practice,most developped nations are guilty of stealing technology from eachother so why condemn China only?

why should China reinvent the wheel?
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Unread post24 Jan 2011, 03:40

I prefer that they are always stealing our technology, it means while they are figuring out how it works, we (USA) are working on the next level. As I told a foreign student once, we taught you everything YOU know, we did not teach you everything that WE know.




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Unread post25 Jan 2011, 18:43

Seems like they might not have only used F-117 tech.... *sigh* ... ge-012411/


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Unread post14 Feb 2011, 00:25

LinkF16SimDude wrote:Why am I not surprised. :roll: ... technology

This text is :roll:



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Unread post14 Feb 2011, 04:18

J-20's tech, regardless of where it comes from, is pretty much irrelevant today and for at least 7-10 yrs imho. No offense to anyone. PLAF's much more superior achievements and advances in the near-term however have come in the form of J-10B and J-11/15 class threats to the region. What 35 yr old tech might be related to J-20 in 10 yrs from now really shouldn't be an issue at imho. Respects to all.
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Unread post16 Apr 2011, 23:32

J-20 to me is an attempt by RAC MiG (with their MiG 1.44 tech) and the PLAF (with their never-ending lust to be comparable to the USAF) to both get on the fifth generation stage.

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