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OK, time to revive another old thread one year to the day after the last post :thumb: !!!

I don't know if anyone else here has seen it, but there's a page on about who is/was Jeremiah Weed:

So Who Is / Was Jeremiah Weed?

"A Hard Man to Know" - by Bob Greene

Originally printed in The Post-Standard of Syracuse, New York - October 30, 1981

THIS is the story of how I went looking for a hero. I will tell you now that it has a sad ending.

Everywhere I have turned in the past few months, I have bumped into the name "Jeremiah Weed." Jeremiah Weed is a new brand of bourbon; it's a hundred proof, and it's manufactured by Heublein, - and it's being advertised in a lot of big magazines.

THE ADS are about Jeremiah Weed, the man. The first ad I noticed featured a vintage photograph of an 1890s dancehall girl, who was identified as "Kate Kincaid."

The text of the ad quoted Miss Kincaid as saying: "Jeremiah Weed? They say he was a real loner.. I know better."

Just in case I missed the point, the other copy in the advertisement told me that "Jeremiah was a lot of things. Loner was not one of them. He was a magnet for women. And the attraction was mutual."

SO Jeremiah was kind of a stud. Great. The next ad I saw him informed me that he had a sense of humor, too.

The picture in this ad was of Sean Sweeney, a railroad boss, Mr. Sweeney was saying: "We were stopped dead... 'cause Weed had traded all the railroad ties for two dozen oysters and a French piano."

All right! Jeremiah was a sly prankster. But just when I was thinking he might be too much of a gadabout. I learned about his more somber side.

This was in the third ad, which featured a picture of an old prospector named Pappy McCoy. Pappy said: "Jeremiah and me was surveying together for two months. He never said a word. That's what I call good company."

I WAS getting intrigued. Whoever this Jeremiah Weed was, I wanted to know more about him. Not only had they named a bourbon after him, but apparently he was one of the finest characters ever to come out out of the turn-of-the-century America.

Romantic, funny, taciturn ... in an age when we can't seem to find heroes. Jeremiah Weed was a guy I felt like knowing.

So I decided to do some research on Jeremiah and find out what made him tick. That's when I got the unhappy news.

"Uh ... Jeremiah never existed," said the liquor executive at Heublein.

"We made him up out of whole cloth," said the chairman of the board of Heubleins's advertising agency.

IT TURNS out that not only does Jeremiah Weed sound too good to be true. He is too good to be true.

"We wanted to create an image to associate with this new brand," said David Boyle, brand manager for Jeremiah Weed at Heublein. "We wanted something to compete with Wild Turkey and Yukon Jack and the rest.

We decided to build the image around a person. And since we didn't have any real person in mind, we decided to make up a Jeremiah Weed."

SO RATHER than stress the taste of the liquor, Heublein determined that it would romanticize this fellow Jeremiah Weed. The company wanted the young male drinkers to identify with Jeremiah.

When the drinkers thought of Jeremiah Weed, Boyle said, they were supposed to conger up certain feelings. "Ruggedness... maverick ... potent."

Heublein wasn't worried about whether a credible job of building up this fictional character was possible.

So Jeremiah Weed was born. I said that, in the ads, I have never seen Weed's face or heard him quoted directly.

"And you never will," Coleman said. "Our research showed that we didn't have to show Weed in order for people to identify with him. All we had to do was put the right words in other people's lips."

BESIDES, Coleman said, it would be virtually impossible to come up with a picture or drawing of Weed.

"I don't know who he is."

I've got some Weed in the freezer and I think I'll have to have me some tonight - gotta drive in a few minutes :wink:

Have fun!
No plane on Sunday, maybe be one come Monday...


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Sounds like some fun times had with Weed. Sadly been in New Zealand we don't have Weed here. Anyone know how I might be able to get some over???
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Just wanted to say thanks for the stories posted about my dad. Weed and Fighter Pilots...that brings back lots of memories. If anyone else has any stories they can share please do...I have enjoyed them all.


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flames wrote:Sounds like some fun times had with Weed. Sadly been in New Zealand we don't have Weed here. Anyone know how I might be able to get some over???

Move planets? ... RN20080603

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NASA's Phoenix Transmits Photographs of Jeremiah Weed Bottle from Martian Polar Region

PASADENA, Calif., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is being issued by Diageo and is an acknowledged spoof press release. The following news release is not factual, and should be reported upon as such:

Scientists and flight engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are stunned after a startling image sent back from the surface of Mars by the
Phoenix Mars Lander revealed a dusty, partially broken bottle of Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur.

Suspecting a prank, JPL officials placed calls to "The Legend" Mr.
Jeremiah Weed, the patron father of Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur, who lives in semi-retirement in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky not far from Weed, Kentucky.

Upon questioning by NASA officials, Mr. Weed accepted full responsibility
for the photograph and acknowledged having a "special relationship" with a
staffer at JPL in the summer of 1975.

"Because of my involvement with a wonderful lady at JPL, I was accorded
special access to areas where the first Viking 1 Mars probe was being
assembled. One afternoon, I brought a bottle of Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur for us to enjoy when she got off work. I remember being surprised by a supervisor at one point and stashing a bottle in a crevice inside the Viking lander. Of course, I always thought one of the technicians would find it, but obviously they didn't."

Mr. Weed offered profuse apologies for doing something "that in hindsight
probably wasn't the best thing for space exploration."

"Of course, if Mars does support life it will unquestionably be improved
by a few sips of Jeremiah Weed bourbon," he said.

The Jeremiah Weed bottle photographed on Mars' surface is a 750 ml clear glass bottle. The green, tan, and white label seen in the amazingly crisp photograph is the same as that used today on Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur bottles.

For additional information or to view the images, please contact:
Zsoka McDonald
Ph: 203.229.4730




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flames wrote:Sounds like some fun times had with Weed. Sadly been in New Zealand we don't have Weed here. Anyone know how I might be able to get some over???

Lord bless Charlie Mops

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