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Unread post30 Jan 2008, 22:20

I watched a show on the XB-70 and was interested in how compression lift was used on the plane. My question is why did no other plane attempt to use the same principle?

Was it because of:

1. Cost
2. Complex design
3. Only good at Mach 3
4. Non-stealthy
5. Not as efficient as simpler designs (delta wing)

I thought it was going to flip over on its back when I watched the film of it taking off at Edwards.


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Unread post30 Jan 2008, 23:19

"North American engineers pored through every aerodynamic study they could find, looking for anything that could be applied to a large, triplesonic bomber. They came across a forgotten NACA (now NASA) research paper about "Compression Lift." This paper described how a conical body underneath the center of a wing would push the air to the side, increasing pressure under the wing section (thereby increasing lift!) "

Stealth was not an issue because there was nothing that could catch this monster at the time. She had the most unique bomb bay door system I have ever seen. The door slide back like a garage door on tracks. The bomb bay was huge, looks like an open cavern when standing underneath. The only one I have ever seen larger than the XB-70 was the B-36, but even the B-36 was not as wide only taller.
Anyone who has the chance to visit the AF Museum at Wright Patterson should take the opportunity to see this amazing bird.


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Do a search on google for "waverider" in the context of aircraft/aerodynamics. That may shed some more light on the subject.

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