New Turkish F-35s in flight test

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Unread post11 Jul 2020, 17:23

18-0005 and 18-0006 were observed in flight test at NAS Ft. Worth this past week, carrying full Turkish markings. Why they have just now made their appearance is not known publicly.

18-5413 (18-0007) and 18-5414 (18-0008), which were part of the cancelled Turkish order, were given 61FS (LF) markings and used in Ft. Worth as chase aircraft, have apparently been delivered to the 354FW in Alaska. Last report I saw had them flying at Eilson, though still carrying their 56FW markings.

18-5415 (18-0009) and 18-5416 (18-0010) are still in Ft. Worth, carrying 63FS (LF) markings, and are being used as F-35 chase aircraft. It is not known publicly if they will go to Luke, or to Alaska.

The Turkish airframe situation is confusing!
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Not that confusing. Only thing we don't know yet is what will happen with the first 6 jets. The latter (18-0007 till 18-014) will be built because cancellation wasn't an option them being already in different stages of production.They are added to the USAF order and will be delivered as such.

Appearance of 18-0005/0006 is not that strange . Their first flights were already in late 2019, but they have laid up and not flown with since because of the entire saga. Flying is done now to probably preserve their airworthiness.

Does anyone have a picture of 18-0006? That would make our collection complete.

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Unread post12 Jul 2020, 16:45

NDAA 2021 says:

"Authorizes the Air Force to utilize, modify, and operate six Turkish F-35s that were accepted
but never delivered because Turkey was suspended from the F-35 program,"

As I understand that law should be approved at the end of the year.

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