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Radar jamming ability

Unread postPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 21:17
by tank-top
I just rear this article and it claims to be quoting F-35 pilots but the is no link to the actual interviews. That said I know most here assume these capabilities I’m surprised to hear of a pilot stating it publicly.

5. The F-35A’s radar effectively can shut down enemy fighter and surface-to-air radars without those adversaries becoming aware they are being electronically attacked. Coupled with stealth, this jet is all but invisible to enemy radars. ... hter-44687

Re: Radar jamming ability

Unread postPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 21:35
by spazsinbad
NATIONAL INTEREST are very lazy - they republish a lot of articles - usually not positive toward the F-35 so that OLD problems appear new to the uninformed. The article cited above was first published in 2016. Searching for VENABLE....

NOW ATTACHED 4 page PDF of ARTICLE: Air Force F-35 Proponents Strike Back at Critics Sep 2016 ... itics.aspx


This URL may take readers to the original article however I don't have the time to compare the pair:

At end of OP link above 1st PUBLISHED: ... er-pilots/

from URL above my fav: "...In air combat mode, when the “world is swirling around the pilot,” who may be turning 15 to 30 degrees per second with many aircraft flying around in different directions, keeping track of just the friendly jets is a big challenge, Venable said. “What this aircraft does is to look in any direction and see who is there and you’ll be able to tell who is a good guy and who is a bad guy,” he [VENABLE?] said....."

And on to: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=52189&p=349935&hilit=Venable#p349935
for: ... new-report [04 AUG 2016]

Re: Radar jamming ability

Unread postPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 22:09
by tank-top
Thanks for that response, I just saw a second article from the same author in my news feed and came to your conclusion. I spent about 7 seconds into the article about China have quantum radars, blah bla bla. Feel free to lock up or delete thread, my bad.

Re: Radar jamming ability

Unread postPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 22:15
by spazsinbad
At moment immediately below this thread is this topic: BAE Systems Inches Out In Public On Electronic Warfare


Re: Radar jamming ability

Unread postPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 22:53
by SpudmanWP
In the "Out of the Shadows" article, a Dutch OT pilot describes using the F-35's EW to protect other F-16s

"...While a lot of missions are conducted with the JOTT partners, the Dutch F-35s periodically fly with the 148th Fighter Squadron ‘Kickin’ a$$’, the RNLAF’s F-16 training unit in Tucson, Arizona, to evaluate and validate new tactics. ‘The first time we got to test all these advanced capabilities to their fullest potential was about a year ago, with and against our F-16s in Tucson,’ says Knight.

‘The initial scenario was that our two F-35s would escort a four-ship of F-16s across a notional border and protect them against another eight-ship of F-16s simulating a modern adversary. A relatively inexperienced flight leader was in charge of the F-16s on our side and Lt Col Joost ‘Niki’ Luijsterburg, the Tucson detachment commander, was responsible for the adversaries. Up to this point we had only practised these scenarios in the simulators and while we had a decent game-plan, we were all anxious to see how the F-35 would perform in real life. We figured that the F-35’s stealth would keep us out of harm’s way for most of the fight, but that we also need to protect the friendly F-16s, maximize the lethality of their missiles and get them to the target.

To make this happen, we planned to initially use electronic attack against the adversary F-16s, see if we could avoid having them detect friendly fighters and datalink the location of the hostile aircraft to our F-16s. This way we could use the F-16s on our side to shoot down the initial wave of enemy fighters and keep our own missiles available once the ‘Blue Air’ F-16s had to focus on their target attack. The plan worked flawlessly.

‘In the debrief ‘Niki’ told us it was one of the most memorable sorties he had ever flown. Having previously worked in the F-35 program office he was elated to find out how effective the F-35 was, but at the same time he was frustrated by not getting a single shot off the rail against us, while getting killed multiple times. After that sortie it really hit us that the F-35 was going to make a big difference in how we operate fighters and other assets in the Royal Netherlands Air Force.’...


Re: Radar jamming ability

Unread postPosted: 16 Feb 2019, 01:54
by steve2267
This ^^^

I love the Dutch and Norwegian pilots...