Elbit IronVision Helmets ala F-35

Cockpit, radar, helmet-mounted display, and other avionics
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Elbit Systems' fixed wing Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) technology provides the basis for the U.S. Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) program. Through the joint venture with Kaiser Electronics, Vision Systems International Inc (VSI) is equipping all frontline U.S. fighters (F-16, F/A-18, F-15 and F-22) with the advanced helmet mounted display and sight. Additionally, VSI was selected by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company to be its HMD source for the F-35/ Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

http://www.defensenews.com/articles/isr ... ough-tanks

IronVision Helmet Provides Sight Through Armored Tanks

By: Barbara Opall-Rome,
July 6, 2017

LATRUN, Israel — As part of a major, multi-phased upgrade of its armored forces, Israel will soon demonstrate a smart helmet-mounted system — almost identical to that used for the F-35 fighter and other aircraft worldwide — that allows commanders to essentially see through the walls of tanks for safe and effective ground-maneuvering combat. Developed by Elbit Systems, the vehicle-adapted Iron Vision aims to usher Israel into the era of so-called closed hatch operations, where crews operating in urban environments can locate, identify, track and engage enemy forces without the commander having to stick his or her head out of the turret and expose himself or herself to sniper fire. “The advanced tanks of today and those that will arrive in future allow the commander to do many more things. One of the things we’re working on is how, by way of technology, to bring all our advanced systems to bear so that the tank commander knows what he’s fighting against in the environment he’s operating in while his head is inside,” said Brig. Gen. Guy Hasson, chief armored officer for the Israel Defense Forces.

In a recent interview, Hasson said the Israeli defense establishment is evaluating Iron Vision and a second alternative, which uses the same sensor-fused, externally placed cameras, but instead of displaying images directly into the helmet, a situational picture is presented on screens inside the tank. “We’re checking two possibilities. … The important thing is to know what is happening at all times outside of the tank, while operating efficiently and safely from inside," he said. ...

.... is just one of the major upgrades planned for Israel’s improved Merkava Mark IV tank, which Hasson estimates will be fielded in the next three or four years. Other capabilities destined for the improved tank — known here as Barak, or Lightning — include a second-generation version of the Trophy active protection system, by state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, precision-rounds and an upgraded C4I system that integrates armor, infantry, artillery and other ground-force elements on the same, cyber-secure digital network, produced by Elbit Systems. (Perhaps even data streams from the local F-35)..

Hasson said Israel's Armored Corps is leading the effort to integrate all ground-force elements on a single net. “We’ll have the ability to work in a fully integrated ground network: to transfer information, to receive information and to be much quicker and better than we are today by way of this improved network that makes us more efficient in complicated scenarios and in much broader [geographic] areas than we’re dealing in today.” ..........
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And by way of extension, if you can route the camera 360 view data to displays inside the tank, you can route it to Remote Displays outside the tank.

It only makes sense, sometimes it isn't worth risking a crew to push manned tanks over the berm 1st.
Think of it as Armored Recon - In Force
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