LM Selects Harris Corporation to Upgrade F-35 Mission System

Cockpit, radar, helmet-mounted display, and other avionics
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Unread post23 Jun 2017, 21:28

Lockheed Martin Selects Harris Corporation to Upgrade F-35 Lightning II Mission System Avionics
22 Jun 2017 LM PR / Harris Corporation

"Lockheed Martin has selected Harris Corporation to upgrade mission system avionics for the F-35 Lightning II as part of the Technology Refresh #3 (TR3) program, significantly boosting the aircraft’s data storage, display processing and throughput capabilities. The announcement was made during the International Paris Air Show being held June 19-25 in Le Bourget.

Harris will provide the Aircraft Memory System (AMS) and Panoramic Cockpit Display Electronic Unit (PCD EU), which are based on open architecture and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. The AMS provides solid-state mass storage capability for the F-35 aircraft avionics subsystems. It is the repository for avionics operational flight programs, mission and theater data, prognostics and health data, audio, display video, and aircraft parametric data. The PCD EU provides processing for the panoramic head-down display in the cockpit.

“The new TR3 electronics pave the way for system upgrades well into the future,” said Ed Zoiss, president, Harris Electronic Systems. “Open systems are the future of avionics and Harris is investing substantial R&D to develop these solutions. These awards affirm the military’s approach to open systems architecture and Harris’ commitment to delivering more affordable, higher performance solutions than would have been possible using proprietary technology.”

The technology development phase will begin in June 2017, followed by a system qualification phase in early 2019, and a subsequent 5-year production contract phase. Harris avionics and ruggedized open systems mission processing technology already support the F-35, F-22, and F/A-18."

Source: https://www.f35.com/news/detail/lockhee ... ing-ii-mis
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Unread post28 Jun 2017, 11:22

More details on the Harris Corp. upgrades. The jet already dominates as presently configured and will get a big IQ boost with the planned upgrades.

https://defensesystems.com/articles/201 ... kheed.aspx

Pentagon gives F-35 new avionics, mission systems for 2021
JUN 27, 2017
The Pentagon is upgrading mission systems avionics as part of a tech refresh effort for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that improves memory, storage, processing speed, display video and aircraft parametric data, industry developers said.

Lockheed Martin awarded a contract to Harris Corporation to provide the computing infrastructure for new panoramic cockpit displays, advanced memory systems and navigation technology, said Brad Truesdell, senior director of aviation systems at Harris.

The new hardware and software technology, to be operational on the F-35 by 2021, includes seven racks per aircraft consisting of 1,500 module components, including new antennas and weapons release systems.

Some of the components include an Advanced Memory System (AMS) engineered to improve data storage and generate higher resolution imagery to help pilots with navigational and targeting information.

“Instead of having to measure something in megabits or megabytes, we are now talking about terabytes,” Truesdell said.
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Unread post29 Jun 2017, 02:19

https://www.flightglobal.com/news/artic ... -c-438871/

Elbit, Harris to replace panoramic display in F-35 cockpit

28 June, 2017
BY: Stephen Trimble

Elbit Systems and Harris will replace the head-down panoramic display system for the Lockheed Martin F-35 after 2019, the companies have announced. Lockheed selected Elbit’s US-based subsidiary to begin developing a new large-format, touchscreen display for the F-35 cockpit. Separately, Lockheed awarded a contract to Florida-based Harris to develop a new computer processor for the display. The selections were made as part of Lockheed’s Technology Refresh 3 (TR3) effort for the F-35, which is installing new electronics in the 16-year-old fighter fighter program. As part of TR3, Lockheed also selected Harris to supply a new aircraft memory system for the F-35, updating the solid-state device used to store the aircraft’s operational flight program software, mission data files and prognostics and health data. “The new TR3 electronics pave the way for system upgrades well into the future,” says Ed Zoiss, president of Harris Electronic Systems. A technology development phase for TR3 begins in June 2017, followed by a system qualification phase 1.5 years later, Harris says. Following qualification, Lockheed would award a production contract. The new suppliers will replace the 20in-wide panoramic display and processor for the F-35 now provided by L-3 Communications. Since 2010, Elbit Systems of America has proposed the CockpitNG (next generation??) panoramic display as an alternative to the L-3 technology for the F-35, as well as for other fighter programs, including the cancelled Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle.




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Unread post29 Jun 2017, 08:52

Is it a part of Block 4?


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Unread post29 Jun 2017, 15:38

laos wrote:Is it a part of Block 4?

4.2 = Tech Refresh 3
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Unread post27 Sep 2018, 15:49

Well... it is about the guts of the avionics, so I done plunked it here (also it involves Harris Corp). Harris Corp selected to provide the new ICP for F-353:

Lockheed Martin Selects Harris Corporation to Deliver F-35’s Next Generation Computer Processor
September 27, 2018

FORT WORTH, Texas, Sept. 27, 2018 – Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has selected Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS) to develop and deliver the next generation Integrated Core Processor (ICP) for the F-35 fighter jet. The Lockheed Martin-led competition within the F-35 supply chain will significantly reduce cost and enhance capability.

The F-35’s ICP acts as the brains of the F-35, processing data for the aircraft’s communications, sensors, electronic warfare, guidance and control, cockpit and helmet displays.

“We are aggressively pursuing cost reduction across the F-35 enterprise and, after conducting a thorough review and robust competition, we’re confident the next generation Integrated Core Processor will reduce costs and deliver transformational capabilities for the warfighter,” said Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager of the F-35 program. “The next generation Integrated Core Processor for the F-35 will have positive benefits for all customers in terms of life cycle cost, capability, reliability and more.”

The new Integrated Core Processor is a key element of the planned “Technology Refresh 3” modernization that takes advantage of fast evolving computing power to ensure the advanced F-35 remains ahead of evolving threats. Additional elements in the tech refresh include the Panoramic Cockpit Display Electronic Unit and Aircraft Memory System, which were also recompeted and awarded to Harris last year.

Reduce Costs, Increased Performance

The Harris-built ICP will be integrated into F-35 aircraft starting with Lot 15 aircraft, expected to begin deliveries in 2023. The next generation ICP system is targeted to generate the following results compared to the current system:

  • 75 percent reduction in unit cost
  • 25 times increase in computing power to support planned capability enhancements
  • Greater software stability, higher reliability, and increased diagnostics resulting in lower sustainment costs
  • An Open System Architecture to enable the flexibility to add, upgrade and update future capabilities

“The new F-35 ICP will pave the way for system scalability well into the future,” said Ed Zoiss, president, Harris Electronic Systems. “Open systems are the future of avionics and Harris has invested substantial R&D to deliver more affordable and higher performance solutions than would have been possible using proprietary technology.”

[...more at the jump...]

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