Navy's F-35C on Track to Be Combat Ready Next Month

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Unread post06 Jan 2019, 00:24

Navy's F-35C on Track to Be Combat Ready Next Month
04 Jan 2019 Oriana Pawlyk

"The U.S. Navy is on track to reach critical milestones and declare its F-35 Joint Strike Fighters ready for combat next month. There have been no reported delays in the service's F-35C reaching initial operating capability (IOC) next month, Navy spokeswoman Lt. Lauren Chatmas told on Friday. The Joint Strike Fighter Fleet Integration Office "is confident in meeting milestones as planned," Chatmas said. While no official February date has been announced, the work "is still on target, still proceeding as planned," she said....

...F-35 pilots at Edwards Air Force Base, California -- home to the Air Force Test Center, which [OIT&E] tests a variety of aircraft and weapons -- have flown more than 30 missions since the testing was announced, according to the Air Force...."

Source: ... month.html
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Unread post19 Jan 2019, 14:57

i'm grateful the F-35C continues to move forward but honestly, this press release rings hollow. Until we see 2 squadrons worth on the deck this isn't going to register. Sincerely hope they have a plan to get them on deck in the event of an emergency.

Perhaps that opportunity will present itself..

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