Italy, UK seek F-35 and Typhoon synergies

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Unread post18 Jun 2017, 15:33

Italy, UK seek F-35 and Typhoon synergies
18 Jun 2017 Tom Kington & Andrew Chuter

"ROME and LONDON — Two nations fly both the F-35 and the Eurofighter. And both have been working hard this year to establish roadmaps for getting the aircraft to operate together. While Italy has focused on flying the two types in tandem and working on joint tactics, the U.K. has looked into aligning their data links to allow the planes to talk to each other. And both countries are looking to support one another as integration efforts move forward, even as politics with the U.S. brings tensions.... [QUE?]

...Now, as the Italian Air Force looks at roles for the aircraft, the source said planners want both types to be almost interchangeable. “The Typhoon is the backbone of air defense, but all assets will be used, including the F-35,” according to the source. “It just depends on the pilot. The F-35 can do anything; it depends on the training.”

As work proceeds, Italy has formed a “coordination cell” to discuss ways to make the two aircraft work together with the U.K., which has yet to take delivery on home soil of its F-35s....

...The British first flew Typhoons alongside the F-35 in 2014 from Edwards Air Force Base — the first in a series of interoperability tests.

To date the best publicized effort by the British to integrate its Typhoon and F-35 fleets has been the announcement in February of successful tests of an airborne gateway between the two aircraft types. The program, known as Babel Fish III, was conducted in California at the start of this year during the Royal Air Force’s Exercise High Rider. That proved the fourth and fifth general aircraft communications interoperability via a Northrop Grumman developed airborne gateway.

The gateway connected the stealthy multifunction advanced data link of the F-35 to the Link 16 tactical system employed by Typhoon. Both aircraft can already share data through Link 16 but previously could not communicate or share certain fifth generation information.

For now, British F-35s and Typhoons have yet to fly together, the RAF spokesman confirmed. [QUE? Above: "...The British first flew Typhoons alongside the F-35 in 2014 from Edwards Air Force Base — the first in a series of interoperability tests...." ]

...Progress amid politics
A former Italian Air Force chief said Italy would do well to start work on aligning the communications between its Typhoons and Eurofighers(sic), [QUE? are these reporters drunk in Paris?] if politics can be set aside....

...Italy’s Air Force has declined to discuss the latest F-35 developments as the aircraft remains a political hot potato, due to hostility to the program from Italy’s largest opposition party, the Five Star Movement. “This silence is irrational,” said Gen. Dino Tricarico, a former Italian Air Force chief, who is now head of the think tank ICSA in Rome. “We are not speaking about the aircraft due to the opposition to it, which means decisions are being taken about the program by people who don’t understand it,” he warned."

Source: ... -synergies
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Unread post18 Jun 2017, 23:31

The "politics" part is fictional, so i'll simply ignore it.

Quoting the General Mario Arpino:
"“…Misteriosamente, ancora oggi compaiono lobbistiche sollecitazioni, di origine non solo politica, a continuare con l’Eurofighter, snaturandone il concetto. Della serie ‘vogliamo continuare a far solo ciò che sappiamo già fare, perché ci costa di meno e ci fa guadagnare di più’. Concetto forse comodo, ma molto malato"

What he says here is that, in short, there's a small yet very powerful lobby in the Leonardo Group( and in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, former prime minisiter Renzi party, so it's the party in charge, not the opposition) which got really, really pissed at LM; that is pushing A LOT the Typhoon as it is more lucrative.

Leonardo thinks Cameri FACO is a fraud and bleeds company's money --> Leonardo is pissed at LM and at UK --> works into EF again signs new deals with Northrop (new irst sensors) and blatantly ignores the comms issues between the Typhoon and the F35.

To be honest, if it's true we're about to loose even the maintenance exclusive for the F35 euro fleet, then is time to kiss goodbye and wait for better time just like Germany is going to do.
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Unread post18 Jun 2017, 23:39 ... t-aircraft

LONDON – Feb. 15, 2017 – Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) have successfully completed a communications interoperability trial involving both F-35B Lightning II and Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, via an Airborne Gateway developed by Northrop Grumman.

The two-week trial, named Babel Fish III, funded by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), was recently conducted in airspace above the upper Mojave Desert, California, as part of the RAF’s Exercise High Rider.

During the trial, the Northrop Grumman Airborne Gateway connected the fifth-generation F-35B, which communicates using the stealthy Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL), and the fourth-generation Typhoon, by translating MADL messages to Link 16 format. Link 16 is the U.S. and NATO military tactical data link used by some military aircraft, ships and ground forces to communicate and exchange tactical data. The F-35 and the Typhoon can communicate directly via Link 16 but previously could not communicate or share certain fifth-generation information.

This is the first time non-U.S. fifth- and fourth-generation aircraft have shared MADL delivered data and is an important demonstration of interoperability as the UK moves closer to initial operating capability of its F-35 Lightning II Force in late 2018...

Bridging this fifth-to-fourth generation platform interoperability gap was made possible by the inclusion of a Northrop Grumman Freedom 550™ software-defined radio in the Airborne Gateway. The Freedom 550™ is derived from the integrated communications, navigation and identification avionics suite the company developed and manufactures for the F-35; it was validated under the Jetpack Joint Capability Technology Demonstration programme, an effort sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and U.S. Air Force that concluded in 2014...Northrop Grumman deployed a similar Airborne Gateway capability in March 2016 to support Australia’s Exercise Jericho Dawn 16-3, successfully demonstrating the powerful effects of integrated air and land operations during this live-fire exercise.
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