F-35 & the Future Fighters [HOW it WORKS 6th Edition PDF]

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Unread post20 Feb 2020, 20:43

F-35 & the Future Fighters [HOW it WORKS 6th Edition PDF] attached
6th Edition 2018

"...Each F-35 utilises structural nanocomposites, such as carbon nanotubereinforced epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI), to produce a framework unrivalled in lightness and strength, as well as heavily integrating epoxy glass resin to maximise aerodynamics. In terms of skin and coatings, each F-35 aircraft sports a radar cross-section the size of a golf ball thanks to the implementation of fibre-mat over the fuselage...."

Source: HOW IT WORKS Book of AIRCRAFT Sixth Edition PDF
F-35 How It Works - Book of Aircraft 6 Ed. 2018 pp4.pdf
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Unread post20 Feb 2020, 21:50

Lift fan and internal cannon in same picture? ;)

And wrong number of barrels in the cannon.
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Unread post20 Feb 2020, 21:51

I saw that too.

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Unread post21 Feb 2020, 00:39

WRT the air data boom, intake OML (note lack of vortex chine), and the paintjob, the illustrator was referencing the very old X-35.

Oh yeah and check out the HUD perched on the console.
I expect the target readership neither notices nor cares though.

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