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Unread post26 Aug 2003, 23:10

Hi everyone,

Found this photograph in the photogallery of this site:


Can anyone identify this aircraft ?

The caption reads F-16-50 so that doesn't help me much. It has an inverted USAF/USNAVY roundel and a colour scheme that looks greek.

Also, what does the bulb-like fairong on the tail root contain ? ECM equipment ?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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Unread post27 Aug 2003, 07:11

looks like F-16D to me (not IF-16D :wink:). The "bulb" contains some advanced avionics.




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Unread post27 Aug 2003, 08:41

It's a pre-delivery photo of a Greek F-16C Block 50. It appears to have gone through depot level maintenance, hence the zinc chromate panels.

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Unread post27 Aug 2003, 08:47


You beat we with this post. I was discussing it with Stefaan yesterday and we agreed that I would make a topic in the forum. You've read my mind.

What we see is what we know. What do we see?
A factory fresh viper. Possible blocks are 30, 40 and 50 (GE engine).
Negative and upside down US stencelling.
Number '116' on the tail and a toned down camouflage scheme.

If we look at the HUD, we can exclude the block 40.
If I look at the serials database (which will come online soon) there are only a few records with '116' in. One Greek, two US, one Turkish and one Egyptian. We can definately exclude the US, because they don't have such ECM equipment. Egypt can be excluded on the same grounds, which leaves the Greek and Turkish aircraft (how nice LOL).

If we combine all the mentionned facts together with the serial displayed on the tail at this manner, together with the toned down camouflage scheme, we can, with almost certainty, tell that this is a Greek F-16C block 30 '116' which has gone through an upgrade cycle to install an advanced ECM system.

Whow, logical thinking goes well today, must have slept well. LOL, LOL


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