Misawa F-16CJs - OIF Markings

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I am trying to find out if anyone has either a clearer shot of the markings of this jet that the 14FS CC flew back to Misawa after OIF.

Here is the link to the Star and Stripes article.

http://www.estripes.com/article.asp?sec ... chive=true

The aircraft shows numerous HARM kills then... you see black and yellow bomb sillhuettes and then a gun marking. Much different than the ones I have seen from the Shaw units.

Although I haven't gone through all the threads on this forum.. a friend of mine that was deployed to PSAB stated that only AGM-88s and WCMDs were allowed by the Saudis. This has been in effect for awhile that only non "Offensive" aircraft be deployed there.

Hope anyone can give more incite on these markings.


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Easy we no longer fly out of PSAB, They closed it back last spring/summer. They are flying out of "other areas" now!


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