33d Fighter Wing scores 'excellent' in compliance inspection

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33d Fighter Wing scores 'excellent' in compliance inspection
July 27, 2012 by Major Karen Roganov Team Eglin Public Affairs

Source: http://www.nwfdailynews.com/articles/wi ... ction.html

"Since August 2011, the 33rd Fighter Wing had been preparing for its unit compliance inspection in 31 major areas. On July 23, the wing gathered with anticipation to hear the results from their commander.

The wing was rated Excellent overall with commander’s items and the 33d Operations Group both exceeding standards, according to an Air Education and Training Center announcement to senior leadership regarding the wing’s Excellent rating.

“The wing was manned at less than 500 people when preparations began and about 40-percent manpower so to get an excellent under those constraints says a lot about the dedication of the men and women of the 33d Fighter Wing,” said Lt. Col. David McClanahan, the 33rd FW plans and programs chief who led inspection preparation efforts. “The 33rd Maintenance Group and squadrons would have done just as well as the rest of the wing because they were equally as prepared.”...

...While the wing received help from other units contributing to the inspection success, the IG team also contributed to the F-35’s future success as the aircraft and its systems mature.

A theme that surfaced in contributing to the success of the F-35 team was networking with units around the Air Force.

For example, a 58th Fighter Squadron pilot shared a web-based method to consolidate and provide complete and current information to the supervisor of flying he learned while flying at of Seymour Johnson AFB, S.C.. This supervisor is a pilot in the air traffic control tower who manages in-flight emergencies, weather diversions, access to pilot currencies and many more requirements...."

Source: http://www.nwfdailynews.com/articles/-51749--.html

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