The Turkey problem

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Unread post01 Aug 2019, 20:11

southerncross wrote:Coherent with what the Turkish general said:

Israel reportedly lobbied Washington to drop Turkey from F-35 program

Officials from Jerusalem said to have pressured Washington behind the scenes to exclude Ankara from fighter jet program in bid to preserve military qualitative edge

Israel worked behind the scenes to ensure the United States blocked the sale of its F-35 stealth fighter jets to Turkey as part of its efforts to preserve its military qualitative edge in the region, Channel 12 reported Wednesday.

Israel in recent months lobbied Washington to drop Ankara from the F-35 program after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went ahead with a purchase of a Russian-made missile defense system that would give Turkey advanced air capabilities. ... 5-program/

Not forgetting that NATO and the USofA LOBBIED themselves to exclude the Turkish F-35As from the F-35 program? :doh:
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Unread post02 Aug 2019, 02:39

Getting Turkey out of NATO is what Israel really wants. They already have the right US president, now they just need the right German PM. ... ATO-597323

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