Israel Pays for Additional F-35s

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I'm not so sure, I remember when F-22 started participating in Red Flag exercises where they'd go against well defended ground targets most of the gushing commentary was how F-22 changed the game since could play quarterback as a mini-AWACs to enable the F-15s and F-16s to get their job done more efficiently.

I imagine if Israel if flying that far to strike Iran they are going to bring a large, well coordinated mixed strike force that will include F-35s.
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Israel says it is simulating the S-400 in an F-35's exercise. 8),7340, ... 05,00.html (Language is Hebrew. I used Google translation.)
Facing the advanced anti-F-35 in a war drill against Hizbullah
Watch the new stealth jets participate for the first time in an exercise that simulates multi-scene combat - in the face of thousands of missiles and rockets, and systems that simulate S-300 and S-400, while dealing with damage to the runways. Senior Officer Proud of Rapid Arms: "The Teams Work Like Formula One"
Yoav Zeitun Posted: 18.06.19
Thousands of missiles and rockets a day, dealing with damage to the airstrips at the bases - and facing the first operation in a combat mode of "mighty" aircraft (F-35). The Air Force is currently conducting a perennial war exercise with a pretty clear wink to the challenges in the northern arena.

In the maneuver, which began on Sunday and ended tomorrow, all the arms of the Corps, including fighter squadrons, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, are practiced alongside all air defense batteries in several arenas.

For the first time, as stated above, the Adir squadron is operated with the stealth aircraft received from the United States for the past two years, and aims to bring added value to the enemy with regard to the speed of destroying the enemy from several locations simultaneously without being identified.

The forces are practicing scenarios in front of technologies and weapons that have not yet reached Hezbollah or have not been fully deployed by the Syrian army. These include a large amount of precision missiles and advanced S-300 and S-400 advanced air defense systems.

The corps also practices damage to air force communications centers as well as damage to the runway and landing routes. In these situations, the ability to continue functioning and fighting is assessed.

"We are practicing assault and deadly destruction of the enemy in high power and in several dimensions, including in the cyber dimension as well as close cooperation with the ground forces, where our pilots and commanders are required to act in situations of uncertainty in the face of the scene," explained a senior officer in the Air Force.

The officer added, "We meet twice a day to investigate, to learn lessons in war. Although we do not cast real armaments in the exercise, we have the ability to measure our fatalities through the speed between getting the target and the aircraft until the aircraft is attacked.

"We are also practicing the fall of our aircraft, and our enemy directing forces operate anti-aircraft batteries, including formative means of enemy radar imaging. We also practice heavy armament dumps while minimizing harm from innocent but this is not a prerequisite for assault."

The officer also commented on the rapid pace of fighter aircraft armaments while fighting: "Our technical teams quickly arm the aircraft during a war, when an assault attack does not take an hour and a half and we work even to reduce that time, when the net is on the ground in less than an hour and the crews Around it work as in Formula 1 ”.

I noticed it when I was looking at F-35 official website 8)
After you select a country from Global Participation, items and news related to that country appear on the right. (The news is mostly written in the native language of the country.)
I clicked through each country's news tab, but there were not many updates.
But there were exceptions. ; Israel news was frequently updated. (Maybe the person in charge of news is enthusiastic?)

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