Norway to reduce F-35 order?

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Unread post25 Jun 2019, 12:35

optimist wrote:
steve2267 wrote:What Spaz said... what did Col Burke say? Reference / link(s) please.

When it was being offered to australia, before the ban. Those that are in the know at the time. Said that there is high tech in the f-22. It isn't the reason why it isn't exported. Aussies have access to higher tech than is in the f-22. We have exchange pilots flying the f-22. Some may recall at the time, there were serious structural issues and talk of the US moving away from the EU and US vs Soviet era weapons. It also came down the the US being able to guarantee the support for the F-22, over the life of foreign sale. We had the F-111 experience. For us, the F-35 was seen as a better option. The rest is politics.

It is as reported and as spaz said, there are no anti tamper features built in and as such the tech is vulnerable and not for general distribution. Uk would have been possible, I doubt whether Japan would have got it, anyway. Even though it was desired by them. His reference to 'even' Israel not being offered it, as if it meant something. Israel would have also been low on the list.

I gave my opinion as to why I think the F-22 wasn't exported: It has "something" to it that the F-35 doesn't. You don't like that? Too bad. You're anger is quite telling, and belies the fact there's something very wrong with you, given you can't handle people with an opinion different than yours. Let me guess, you're a liberal...

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