Taiwan still hoping to buy F-35 fighters from U.S.

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Unread post07 Apr 2016, 05:25

Taiwan won't get the F-35B, the risk of having valuable intel on the F-35 or even an actual F-35 stolen is a high risk by placing it in Taiwan. As a Taiwanese American, I would HIGHLY advise AGAINST selling anything 5th gen and beyond to Taiwan.

The Harrier is the perfect hand me down solution to Taiwan.

End of argument.


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Unread post07 Apr 2016, 10:42

There is no defense if it can be assailed in any form. A perfect defense is the only way to preserve Taiwan. Better for Taiwan to ally itself with China's less friendly rivals, regardless it means striking deals with old rivals.

Taiwan could probably bridge regional rivals in the region to cooperate on military, political, and domestic matters. Vietnam is everything, but officially working with Taiwan. The Singapore military is the only (albeit unofficial) working ally of the ROC, so that has to be improved. Taiwan needs to aggressively counter the One China political campaign of the mainland if it's going to make any headway. Participating in RIMPAC each year would certainly help.

But F-35 IMHO is a no go on too many levels
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Unread post20 Mar 2017, 17:21

Taiwan Prepared to Build its Own Aircraft Carrier to Scare-off China

http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/1125 ... z4bsouGK1D
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Unread post20 Mar 2017, 19:20

While it would be nice to quip Taiwan with a few squadrons of F-35Bs, I do not think the added capability will make that much of a difference. When the enemy is that close, has you surrounded, vastly outnumbered and outgunned, stealth and VTOL are of little use.

Given the massive multi axis, multi domain and multi platform initial shower of cruise and ballistic missiles that will strike Taiwan, followed by an equally massive and multitude of air and sea power/assets, expecting the Taiwanese air force or navy to last more than a few days is unrealistic. Much less deny China air and sea superiority in the local battle space.

But this is not a fatal blow, as the Chinese can fly and sail all they want above and around Taiwanese territory, without landing massive amount of troops and equipment and waging a land battle within Taiwan, they won't achieve a damn thing. No one has ever won a war or seized and held land by launching missiles and performing bombing runs without boots on the ground.

This is Taiwan's strength. All they have to do is weather the initial blitz of ordinance and munitions and the destruction they cause, and overwhelmingly confront and destroy Chinese infantry whether amphibious or airborne from a position of strength and defense and with likely heavier armor/weapons.

If they can deny China a landing for a few days that's all the time needed for the Chinese to lose surprise, momentum and advantage as the international cavalry arrives ready to mop up the skies and waters of Chinese forces.

That's why if I was Taiwan, forget F-35s, I would ask for hundreds of land based cruise missiles, anti ship missiles, anti tank missiles and surface to air systems. Not only to hold off the Chinese horde, but to strike the mainland and inflict some pain in return. Let's see how Chinese citizens react to their cities being bombed due to hostile agression and land grabs.
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