Finnish DefMin Interest in F-35s NOT Gripens

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Unread post30 Jul 2020, 06:20

lbk000 wrote:This is so significantly deviating from the thread topic you really ought to have made your own thread.

Agreed. I will not respond to that here as it's too much off-topic. Maybe bear21 can create another topic or reuse some other for that topic as it's very interesting.

Anyway, it seems like all the HX candidate companies will be present in Kauhava Air Show at the end of August.

Currently Dassault Rafale is the only one which has been confirmed to fly in the show but I bet others will follow especially as almost all air shows around the world have been cancelled this year. Of course if Covid situation worsens suddenly in Finland, this one will likely be quickly cancelled. Currently everything looks good though.


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From a simple search.
The French Airforce pails in comparison to the size of the PLAAF but has more tankers.
I don't want to ever hear or see a Chinese troll boast about the power of rising China, EVER again.
The truth is that after the 1st day of the war when all of the forward islands are gone and every air base withing 100 miles of the SCS is hit the Chinese are finished.
F-22s will hunt every tanker.

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