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Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 20 Aug 2019, 18:19
by sprstdlyscottsmn
Yeah, CAS/TAS/Mach changes with altitude can trip up a LOT of people.

Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 02 Oct 2019, 09:31
by spazsinbad
S. Korea celebrates 71st Armed Forces Day, showcases F-35A jets to public for first time

Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 10 Oct 2019, 18:39
by spazsinbad
South Korea to buy 20 more F-35 jets [20 Apr '18 viewtopic.php?f=58&t=24682&p=393103&hilit=probe#p393103 ]
10 Oct 2019 Jeff Jeong

"SEOUL — South Korea will begin the second phase of its plan to acquire stealthy fighter jets, code-named F-X III, by acquiring 20 more F-35s, the country’s arms procurement agency has confirmed. The Asian economic power had ordered 40 F-35As for Air Force operations under a 2014 deal worth about $6.4 billion, with the delivery of the fifth-generation fighters starting earlier this year. “The government is preparing to launch the second phase of the F-X III in 2021 for the five years to come,” the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, or DAPA, said in a report to the National Assembly on Oct. 7. About $3.3 billion will go toward buying the additional Lockheed Martin-made aircraft, the report noted.

Which F-35 variant is under consideration has been a point of debate here, though multiple defense sources say the government will buy the F-35A rather than the "B" variant because of the former’s short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing capability. The STOVL ability allows the aircraft to take off and land from South Korea’s new large-deck landing ship planned for deployment in the 2030s. “The state-funded Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, or KIDA, has concluded a study on the additional acquisition of F-35 aircraft, and the study is to suggest the introduction of more F-35As be more feasible,” a source at the Ministry of National Defense told Defense News on the condition of anonymity.

In July, the South Korean military approved a plan to construct a carrier-type landing platform helicopter ship as part of its long-term force buildup plan. The new vessel is to be refit [? not appropriate word] to displace 30,000 tons, double the capacity of the previous two types with 14,500 tons of displacement. “There are two issues [with getting] the F-35B. First, it’s more expensive than the conventional-takeoff-and-landing version. Second, the deployment of a carrier-type landing ship is far away from now,” the source said....

...The F-35A can fly at a top speed of Mach 1.8 [hubbahubba we have a MEME or is it a miniMEME] and carry top-of-the-line weapons systems such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition...."

Source: ... f-35-jets/

Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 10 Oct 2019, 20:07
by spazsinbad
Perhaps this is why South Korea is not buying F-35Bs. IF graphics correct then conventional carriers are on the horizon?
These are the two aircraft carrier designs South Korea is considering
11 Oct 2019 ALERT5

"Two aircraft carrier solutions are being studied by South Korea’s military. The first is a 70,000 ton design that can carry 32 fighters along with 8 helicopters while the second design is 40,000 with 12 fighters and 8 helicopters. The bigger ship will require nearly 1400 personnel to operate while the smaller vessel requires halve the manpower."

Graphic: "Choi Jae-sung’s office" ... 4381_1.jpg

Source: ... more-78567

Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 14 Oct 2019, 20:36
by spazsinbad
Given the story a few posts above about 'buying 20 more F-35s' which is apparently 'NOTED IN THE REPORT' what is this retorter saying here when making inquiries to BOING!? Why not ask LM?
ADEX: ROKAF F-35As in show debut amid order talk
14 Oct 2019 Greg Waldron

"The Lockheed Martin F-35A appears likely to secure a 20 aircraft follow up order from Seoul, as the type makes its ADEX debut in the livery of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF)….

...Last week, official news agency Yonhap reported that Seoul’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration will earmark W4 trillion ($3.4 billion) to obtain 20 new fighters from 2021, as a continuation of the previous F-X III competition.

During a pre-show media briefing, Korean defence official Lee Sangcheol had this to say about the F-35A’s chances in the potential 20-jet deal: “I cannot clearly confirm it yet, but that's the way I think it will unfold. That is my personal opinion.”

Reports in Korea have suggested that the F-35A is all but guaranteed to be selected....

...F-X III was originally for 60 aircraft, but when the F-35A decision was announced the number ordered was 40.

When contacted by FlightGlobal, Boeing indicated that it is also potentially interested in the deal. “We look forward to working with [DAPA] and the Republic of Korea Air Force, as they review requirements for a next generation fighter. The Boeing F-15’s payload, performance and persistence make it a compelling option for Korea’s next generation fighter force structure, as is evidenced by the significant investment in the platform by air forces around the world," it says."

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Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 14 Oct 2019, 21:01
by spazsinbad
This is more like it - some argybargy about which model of F-35 to be purchased - not some damned BOING! crap as above. :twisted: NAH BOING! make good stuff for those unable to buy the F-35 - the FightGlobular retorter must be ????? :roll:
More F-35 Fighters for South Korea
11 Oct 2019 Jon Lake

"South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration has announced that 20 more Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters will be procured under the second phase of its F-X3 program, due to be launched in 2021, when deliveries of the first batch of 40 are scheduled to be completed....

...It remains uncertain as to which version of the Lightning II will be procured under the new phase of the program, which is valued at 4 trillion won ($3.35 billion). There were press reports that the National Security Office of the Blue House (the president's residence) had pushed the Air Force in April to consider purchasing the short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing F-35B, presumably to allow them to operate from the Navy’s two 14,500-tonne Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships, a planned 30,000-tonne carrier-type landing platform helicopter carrier, or more likely from a new class of aircraft carrier.

The Blue House immediately denied that it had tried to influence the F-35 purchase, pointing out that there was “a legal procedure for any procurement project.”...

...South Korean media has recently reported that the purchase of aircraft carriers is “under consideration” by the National Assembly’s National Defense Commission. It was reported that one option under consideration is a 70,000-tonne twin-island design with a length of 298 meters and a width of 75 meters, carrying 40 fixed-wing aircraft and eight helicopters. This is similar in size and configuration to the new 72,000-tonne British Queen Elizabeth class, which is 280 meters long. The other option reportedly being considered by South Korea is smaller—40,000 tonnes, 238 meters long and 62 meters wide—and is intended to embark an air wing composed of 20 fixed-wing aircraft and eight helicopters. This is broadly similar to the U.S. Navy’s 45,000-tonne America-class Landing Helicopter Assault ships, which can carry up to 20 USMC F-35Bs.

While these ship programs would indicate a Korean requirement for the F-35B, the state-funded Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) suggested that the introduction of more F-35As might be “more feasible," while the RoKAF itself is understood to favor the F-35A,..."

Source: ... outh-korea

Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 11 Dec 2019, 08:31
by spazsinbad
Cannot get the link at the link below to open so just the precis at the first link:
South Korea to declear DECLARE Clear?] IOC for F-35A on Dec. 17
11 Dec 2019 ALERT5

"South Korea is expected to declare initial operating capability (IOC) for its F-35A on Dec. 17. Media reports say the ceremony will be held at 17th Fighter Wing base. So far, 12 aircraft have been delivered."


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Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 15 Dec 2019, 02:46
by spazsinbad

Re: South Korea resets Fighter Jet bidding

Unread postPosted: 19 Dec 2019, 10:20
by spazsinbad
F-35A formally enters South Korean service
18 Dec 2019 Greg Waldron

"The Lockheed Martin F-35A has entered operational service with the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) following a ceremony in the central city of Cheongju, where the nation’s 17th fighter wing is based.

According to a report in South Korea’s official Yonhap News Agency, no press was invited in order to keep the event low key, so as to not irritate the country’s volatile neighbour, North Korea.

So far, the report adds, South Korea has taken delivery of 13 F-35As out of an order for 40...." [then more about 20 more]

Source: ... 33.article