Australian lawmakers confident in F-35's future

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Unread post06 Nov 2019, 11:30

doge wrote:F-35 is, Is it enough to wash only every two week cycle? :shock: ... -aircraft/
Royal Australian Air Force personnel discuss working with the F-35A aircraft at Williamtown
NOVEMBER 2 2019 Max McKinney

"...Asked about the jet's corrosion issues, Tinker said learning how to manage the aircraft at Williamtown had been a challenge this year. "The Williamtown environment has been the biggest learning curve we've got at the moment," he said. "Not that we're the only country that operates near the beach.

"We've got a wash cycle. So at two weeks we will do a wash with chemicals, like a detergent, and then we'll rinse it off the other second week just to get the salt off it."… [underlining makes screen reading difficult]

Looks to me like a rinse every two weeks with a wash every two weeks in-between - so something every week. In Florida a bird bath is in use - not sure if it is used after every flight. I guess it all depends on where the flight takes place. IF over land not much need for any rinsing. OF COURSE if low level over water along a beach with sea spray then - go for it.

Keep in mind the F-35s have been extensively corrosion proofed - airframe & engine - and tested. Bs & Cs operate at sea.
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