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F-35 Pilot Completes 500th Vertical Landing [WIZZER Wilson]

Unread postPosted: 09 Feb 2018, 05:58
by spazsinbad
F-35 Pilot Completes 500th Vertical Landing
08 Feb 2018 Jeff Babione

"One of the more than 560 trained F-35 pilots recently surpassed an incredible milestone worth noting this week. Peter “Wizzer” Wilson flew his 500th vertical landing (VL) in the F-35B. Wizzer, a Test Pilot at the Pax River ITF, serves as the Lead STOVL pilot for the F-35 and flew his first F-35 mission in November 2010. His 500th VL in an F-35 occurred during sloped pad testing recently at Bogue Field, North Carolina.

Wizzer has delivered outstanding support for the F-35 program, and his many contributions include, participation in all three DT ship trials, ski jump testing and hundreds of flights pushing the STOVL operating envelope to never before seen places.

Congratulations to Peter “Wizzer” Wilson on this significant career achievement and I thank him for all his hard work and passion he brings to the program every single day. [tru dat]

Source: https://a855196877272cb14560-2a4fa819a6 ... 2_8_18.pdf (0.25Mb)